Getting to School

Getting to School Safely

Every morning and afternoon, hundreds of students come and go during the ‘rush minutes’ at PAUSD campuses.  No matter how your student gets to school, you can help keep them safe by taking the time to review and practice the basics for getting there safely.  For more info check out City of Palo Alto’s Share The Road Tips.


Walking to School:

Teach your kids, especially those between five and nine years of age, to be wise walkers. These years provide a short window of opportunity to teach and practice street skills with your child before he or she is off on their own.  Don’t miss it!

Biking to School:

There are approximately 67 million bicycle riders in the United States, 40 percent of them children ages 14 and under. Bicycle safety is no accident — Help your child become safe on the road! For more information, please click on Bike Safety,  Helmets, and School Corridor Maps..


Play it Safe When You’re Behind the Wheel – It’s especially important to slow down and watch out for kids at the beginning of the school year. Students are excited, apprehensive, not familiar with the new school schedule and often inattentive to traffic safety practices. For more information, please click on Driving Safely and Car Seats