Bicycle Registration

Bike Registration with Bike Index

Bike Index is a national program used by the Palo Alto Police Department to help recover stolen and lost bikes.

All Palo Alto residents are encouraged to register their bikes, even if they registered with the previous paper-based system.

Register Your Bike Here:

If your bike ever goes missing, log in to your Bike Index account and mark it as stolen, which allows anyone who finds the bike to contact you. (Note: While all bikes in the system are visible, the owner’s personal information is never displayed publicly.)

What About the Stickers?

The middle and high school PTAs purchased QR code stickers for students that link directly to a bike’s listing. This is a pilot program and stickers are not yet available for the general public. Stickers are a convenience but not a necessity; the most important thing is to register all bikes.

Stickers for middle and high school students are available in the school offices.

To link a sticker to a bike:

  1. Log in to your account on your phone or tablet.
  2. Scan the QR code on the sticker using your preferred QR code reader.
  3. The scanned code will take you to a page that says, “Oh no! Sticker ____ [sticker number] isn’t linked to a bike.”
  4. You can either enter the URL of the bike directly, or choose a bike from your list of bikes by clicking “Link sticker” in the “Link IT!” column.