Welcome!  There are many ways to help create Safe Routes To School in Palo Alto.  Using alternatives other than using your single family car to commute to school and work is a big help. In addition, below are some examples of volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the Safe Routes To School team at the City of Palo Alto Transportation Department (saferoutes@cityofpaloalto.org)  or reach out to the Palo Alto Council of PTAs Safe Routes To School Committee using the contact form. We are always looking for people!

Traffic Safety Representative (TSR)

Traffic Safety Representatives (TSR) are the Safe Routes To School (SRTS) ears and eyes on the ground at every school. When they see or hear about road safety concerns around their school they can report those to us. In addition, they organize one spring and one fall Walk & Roll Day to encourage students to walk and ride to school, they perform one count of the bikes in the bike rack in September so SRTS can keep track of how many students bike to school, and they join a SRTS mailing list so they know what is going on at the City and PTA Council level and can report back to their site PTA. If you would like to help at your school, please contact us!

Bike Rodeos

The Bike Rodeos are an essential part of our program, both from an educational and an encouragement perspective. During a Bike Rodeo students learn essential skills such as navigating around obstacles in the bicycle lane, how to exit a driveway, and how to enter a two-way stop-controlled intersection. This allows them to ride to school safely and with confidence. If you would like to volunteer at a bike rodeo, please contact the Safe Route To School coordinators at saferoutes@cityofpaloalto.org!