Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Traffic Safety Representative (TSR) Information

We Are Recruiting Traffic Safety Reps for 2015-16 NOW!

In 2015-16, the city will continue its planning work to implement the vision for a city-wide bike boulevard network and other projects envisioned in the City of Palo Alto Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan which can be found here.


PTA Traffic Safety Representatives have the opportunity to work in partnership with the city and school district to improve school commute route conditions, support traffic safety education and encouragement of alternatives to driving solo to school. New resources will be available to make this work easier and more engaging for families and students. Help us encourage families at your school to participate! Click for job description.
Contact Info: Penny Ellson


There are a number of resources available to PTA Traffic Safety Representatives at our PAUSD schools.


The primary resource is the Safe Commute PTA site.  You will need a logon id and password to access the files and information stored on this valuable site.  You need to be a member of Palo Alto PTA and a part of the PTA Traffic Safety community to have access.  If you are outside this community, please explain in your email your questions and we can try to address your questions.


To learn more about PTA Traffic Safety, please contact: Penny Ellson