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Getting elementary school students to school can be a challenge.  From getting them up in time to getting them out the door to making sure that they have their lunches, homework, and musical instruments. Driving to school adds stress and extra hassles to your day.  Now is the time to think about alternatives....


Although we do not recommend that children commute independently before the age of ten, practicing biking and walking with parents during the elementary school years provides an important foundation of traffic safety skills for the rest of a child's life.  Children who walk and bike come to school better prepared to learn because they have started their day with light exercise. This daily walk or bike ride can also be a special time for parents and children to connect while the day's events are still fresh in the mind.


Choosing a safe route to school can be fun, especially in Palo Alto where we have so many wonderful bike routes. Many parents are surprised to discover that biking and walking actually take a little more or even less time than driving.  Also, using an alternative to driving, makes our school environment safer.


Your elementary school has PTA volunteers, Traffic Safety Representatives, who can help you learn about commute routes, carpooling, bike safety, classes, and other important activities to get you started.


For more information, please contact the school's Principal, PTA President or Traffic Safety Representative.

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