Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Making Safer Choices

Getting your children outside and active will lead to healthier lifestyles for them.  In addition, allowing your children to walk and bike to school will also help give them skills that they will need as they become drivers.


As more families choose alternatives to driving, this new behavior improves community and personal health, benefits the environment, increases safety, and helps to decrease traffic congestion around schools.

How do I get started?

Take some time to look at how to get to your school.  Work with your local PTA Traffic Safety Representative to identify the best route.  If you notice problems please bring them to the attention of the City/School Safety Committee.  Many dangerous conditions have been resolved through the parent and community involvement.

You don't have to bike or walk everyday

Pick a day, like a "Walking Wednesday" to leave your car at home.  Or drive to a location close to the school and then walk the rest of the way.  Form a carpool for rainy days.  Join a walking school bus.  Or, just participate in the annual Walk to School events during October.


Do something during the year to just try an alternative to your family car.  You should see that it is an easy and rewarding way to build a healthy lifestyle for your children. 

We believe that it is time for a change

We hope that you join Palo Alto's Safe Route to School movement and help encourage your family to get out of the car and walk and bike more often.


This website is designed to provide you information and tips on how to do just that!