Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Palo Alto Walks & Rolls (October)

During the October Walks and Rolls event, PAUSD children join children around the world who participate in International Walk to School Day. The Walk & Roll events are usually coordinated with Bike Palo Alto!, a community event where families can find great biking resources and discover family-friendly routes to favorite local destinations. A second district-wide Walk & Roll event is planned for Spring. This one is usually coordinated with in-school celebrations of Earth Day.


During these events, every Palo Alto family is encouraged to reduce car trips and use alternative modes of transportation like walking, bicycling, riding the bus or carpooling for their school commute more often. Community activities like walking school busses, collaborative art projects and contests raise awareness about the viability (and fun!) of using alternative modes of transportation.


After experiencing the benefits of alternative modes during the Walk & Roll events, many families continue to make it a regular activity. Bicycling, skating, scootering, carpooling and transit are all encouraged to help reduce the number of cars around schools, to help our environment, to build community, and to promote better health through exercise.


Walk to School Day has become an important community event in Palo Alto. It is a great opportunity for families to try a different approach to commuting to school.

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