Safe Routes to School Palo Alto


Palo Alto Unified School District

At most PAUSD schools, traffic congestion and safety hazards are associated with too many cars dropping off and picking up children from school.  Carpooling (or SchoolPooling) is a great way to help reduce grid-lock and stress associated with getting to and from school.

 SchoolPool Can Help

The goal of the SchoolPool program is to encourage the formation of carpools, walkpools or bikepools where parents share the duties of driving, walking, or biking their students to school.

The benefits to parents and students include:

  • Enhanced student safety by reducing traffic congestion near our school!
  • Time saved by reducing the number of days you have to drive kids to school! Meeting new friends!
  • Saving money - lower gas and operating costs on your car!
  • Cleaner air for all of us with fewer vehicles on our streets!

It's easy to participate:

Simply fill out the form on the RIDES web site.


After information from parents submitting SchoolPool requests has been received, you will receive a free match list by US mail with names and phone numbers of other parents in your neighborhood who are interested in sharing the task of getting students to school safely.


NOTE: Home addresses will always be kept confidential. RIDES for Bay Area Commuters is the regional rideshare agency that has volunteered to create and maintain our confidential match list and database.

Additional Information

Elements of a Successful School Trip Reduction Program A PAUSD document that describes activities with PTA, School District and City to help create successful trip reduction programs.